Wound Care Formulation Suggestions

Wound Healing and Circulation Improvement

Nifedipine has been used in concentrations of 0.2% to 10% PLO gel in an effort to enhance circulation in areas of ischemia. Higher concentrations may be compounded, but the lower doses are a better starting point due to the hypotensive properties of this drug. The same vaso-dialation properties that make it work well orally in diseases such as hypertension, angina pectoris, and Raynaud's syndrome could also make it work well as an agent to rub on areas around diabetic ulcers and in ischemic areas to aid in blood flow. Transdermal nifedipine PLO should be dispensed in an amber bag because of its light sensitivity. The patient should be monitored for decreased blood pressure while using the preparation, and the wound should be monitored for signs of healing (skin becoming more pink, vascularized and skin dryness around the wound.

Possible Formulas

  • Nifedipine 4-16% transdermal
  • Pentoxifylline 5% Lipoderm
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