We have Home and Office delivery plans!

Free Prescription Delivery Plan

While we can provide the full range of prescription drugs, Coconut Grove Pharmacy specializes in compounding. This means that any drug that is not commercially available can be made using a doctor's prescription at our lab "just for you". If you would like any additional information regarding compounding please feel free to contact us.

Additionally, please keep in mind that you may complement a prescription with any of our over the counter medications, homeopathic remedies, and/or personal care products. Some of the brands we carry are: Jaqua, 100% Pure, Fresh, Roger & Gallet, Thymes, Burt's Bees, Jack Black, Dr. Brandt, La Roche-Posey, Bioderma, Tom's of Maine, Mustela, Essie, Solgar, A. Vogel, Herb Pharm, Heel's, and Boiron among many others.

Prescriptions, compounding and any other products we sell can be delivered to your door. Read below for details.

Home Delivery Plan

Order and receive your prescriptions in the comfort of your own home. We deliver your prescriptions the same day they are ready during our daily afternoon delivery rounds.

For home delivery in the local area we charge a flat fee of 3 dollars per delivery.

For deliveries outside of the local area we charge an extra 1 dollar per mile.

You can choose our home delivery option either by phone or using our online fax order template. See our Fill-Rx page for more details on having a prescription filled by us.

Any of our other products can be included with your prescription and will be delivered at the same time.

FREE Office Prescription Delivery Plan

In an effort to provide you with outstanding service Coconut Grove Pharmacy would like to offer to you and your employees a Delivery Plan.

Let us do the work for you and provide your staff with a wellness benefit that can help simplify the work week and maximize each individual's time.

Simply stated for all new prescription medication fill out the New Customer Form and have the doctor call or fax us the prescription and we will deliver it during our daily afternoon drop-off at no additional cost!!

We can transfer an existing prescription from any other pharmacy. Fill out the Refill Form and call, fax or email the name and phone number of the previous pharmacy, the name and prescription number of drug, and our pharmacist will do the rest. Once again, we will then make sure that the prescription is delivered free of charge during our daily afternoon drop - off!

Remember, if you are on a nationally recognized insurance plan your cost per prescription is identical regardless of the pharmacy you use.

Finally, Coconut Grove Pharmacy is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of every customer. All prescription medication will be double bagged. All information provided to Coconut Grove Pharmacy will be kept PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

Thank you for support!

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